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Supporting us in our minstry
to Walshaw, Lowercroft, Tottington & beyond

Join us
It would be great if you would join us as we aspire to making a difference in our community ... as we connect with our neighbours and provide opportunities for our neighbours to get to know and love one another, and as we share what we have with our community including our fantastic building.
We also hope to share the fantastic love of God, and His Son Jesus Christ with those who don't know Him yet.
To do this we need people ... we need you!
Do come along and give us a try.
At Christ Church Walshaw we believe God cares about the things which concern us in our daily lives ... listening and responding to our prayers. We also believe He cares about the church and that he guides us in the things we do. To be connected to His will, and to listen to Him, we need to pray ... and we are keen for as many people as possible join us as we seek God's will for the church in Walshaw. To join us in this all you have to do is include us in your prayers! How fantastic being able to approach the throne of God  to listen to Him and speak to Him! 
Thank you for your prayers.
You may have benefited from one or more of our ministries over the years .... 
  • you might have been helped to celebrate a very special time at Christ Church Walshaw like your wedding or a baptism; or 
  • you might have been helped by the church when you, or a loved one was poorly, or when someone you loved died.
  • You might have enjoyed our Baby & Toddler Group with your little one, or
  • you might have made some new friends and really enjoyed singing with our Walshaw Community Choir.
  • It might be that you just love having our very grand and beautiful church building here in the midst of our community and you would like to help maintain it.
There are lots of reasons why you might want to support the work of Christ Church Walshaw, and help look after its building and grounds, financially.
If you would like to join members of the church family who already give in support all these things, as a blessing to our community, you can do this by:
  • making a one off easy payment electronically and tax efficiently by clicking here
  • making a one off payment to the church directly from your bank to the church bank account. Payments can be made to​ the
  'Parochial Church Council of Christ Church Walshaw'
  Barclays Bank, Bury
  Sort Code: 20-16-08
  Acct No: 80255300
  • setting up a Standing Order to give to the church on a regular basis. A standing order an be found by clicking here. All you need to do is print the form off, complete it and send it to your bank.
  • use the Electronic Donation device situated at the back right hand side of church.
  • use this QR code 
  • giving tax efficiently ... if you are a tax payer the government will increase your gift to the church (as a registered charity) by 25%. To increase your gift all you need to do is complete the Gift Aid Form which you can find by clicking here and then either bring it to church on a Sunday morning, or let us know at so we can arrange to collect it from you. 
Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.​
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