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Week commencing 24th May 2020

'How to Pray: a simple guide for normal people'

Pete Greig

“Prayer was never supposed to be perplexing. In 'How to Pray', Pete Greig offers a simple guide to prayer: what it is, who it's for, and what it can achieve.” 

Week commencing 21st June 2020

'What's so mazing about grace'

Philip Yancey

“Grace does not excuse wrong but treasures the wrongdoer. True grace is shocking, scandalous. It shakes our conventions with it's insistence on getting close to evil and touching it with mercy and hope." Philip Yancey

Teaching to help us grow as disciples of Jesus

Week commencing 24th May 2020

Ravi Zacharias

'Why I believe Jesus'


Week commencing 7th June 2020

Michael Reeves 

'Explaining the Trinity'


Week commencing 21st June 2020

Philip Yancey 

'What Grace?'


Week commencing 5th July 2020

Nicky Gumbel

'Where are you God?'

In our ‘Going Deeper’ video this week, reflecting on the coronavirus situation and how it is impacting on us, Nicky Gumbel from HTB asks the big question … Where are you God?

This talk is helpful not just for these days, but for anyone who is going through difficult times of suffering … anytime

Nicky is Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and this talk was for Good Friday for the Spring Harvest Online this year. The talk, which will be an encouragement to you, is 25 minutes long and includes a 3 minute interlude of singing which you can listen to too.


Week commencing 19th July 2020

Tom Wright

'God and the Pandemic'

This is a short interview with Bishop Tom Wright, New Testament scholar, former Bishop of Durham and currently senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. It was recorded last month.

Tom covers a lot of ground in this 30 minute interview …Church division … the Temple … the coming of Jesus … God making everything right ‘in the end’ … lamentations ... and of course, how should Christians respond to the coronavirus situation.

He also introduces his latest book … our book of the month … 'God and the Pandemic'. Is the pandemic a sign of the end times? Does it come as God’s judgement and punishment? What about the innocent sufferer? Tom touches on some of these in this interview.


Week commencing 2nd August 2020

'With God on our side'

produced by Porter Speakman

Our Going Deeper video this week is a film documentary from 2015. Through the film Christian and Jewish academics, theologians and pastors, people from the UK, South Africa, the US, and of course Israelis and Palestinians, consider Christian Zionism and share about the history, politics and theology of the Land in particular, but they also speak about peace, hope, reconciliation and justice … all things on God’s heart. Salim Munayer contributed to the film … if you remember Salim has spoken at Christ Church and he is the founder and Director of Musalaha ministry of peace and reconciliation which works in the Holy Land.

You can find the film which is 1hr and 21 mins long here:


Week commencing 31st May 2020 (Pentecost)

Jim Cymbala

'Holy Spirit Directed Ministry'


Week commencing 14th June 2020

Tim Keller 

'You must be born again'


Week commencing 28th June 2020

J John 

'If God asked you to do something, would you do it?'


Week commencing 12th July 2020

Andy Stanley

'Don't settle for Christian'

In our ‘Going Deeper’ video this week,

Becoming a Christian is easy. It won't cost you anything. But Jesus never invited anyone to become a Christian. He invites us to follow, and during his talk Andy Stanley, pastor and author, encourages us … ‘Don’t settle for Christian’.

Andy explores the difference between ‘believing in’ Jesus and ‘following’ Him, and he encourages us to ask ourselves difficult questions like ‘Do we define being a Christian so that we can stay in our comfort zone?’ Only 30 minutes long you will be challenged by this talk and it could change how you live your life.


Week commencing 26th July 2020

Stephen Cottrell


Another Church of England bishop this week …. In this weeks delightful 42 minute talk the new Archbishop of York explores journeys drawing on the beautiful Psalm 84 as well as poetry, journeys in the Bible and Stephens own pilgrimage walk in northern Spain, and more.

At his inauguration as Archbishop Stephen knocked on the door of York Cathedral to be let out rather than what is traditionally done when bishops knock on the door of the building to be let in.

Stephen talks about our fast God and the benefits for us to walk slowly, walking lightly and the purpose of journeys, as well as the effect journeys can have on us.


Week commencing 9th August 2020

Andy Stanley

'What it means to have faith'

What does it mean to have faith? Is faith something you draw on when you pray to God for something? Is it a power or a force? What or who do you put your faith in? Is faith ‘experience denying’? What about hope and faith? And what about prayers answered and unanswered?

In this 35 minute video, drawing on the Book of Hebrews, Andy Stanley, author and pastor, explores these questions and helps us think about the promises of God and His trustworthiness and wonderfulness.



'Book of the Month'

Week commencing 19th July 2020

'God and the Pandemic'

Tom Wright

This book  is only just published … and it is also the Diocese of Chelmsfords Book of the Month too!

So his is what it is about ….

What are we supposed to think about the coronavirus crisis?
Some people think they know: ‘This is a sign of the End,’ they say. ‘It’s all predicted in the book of Revelation.’
Others disagree but are equally clear: ‘This is a call to repent. God is judging the world and through this disease he’s telling us to change.’
Some join in the chorus of blame and condemnation: ‘It’s the fault of the Chinese, the government, the World Health Organization...'
Tom Wright examines these reactions to the virus and finds them wanting. Instead, he invites us to consider a different way of seeing and responding – a way that draws on the teachings and examples of scripture, and above all on the way of living, thinking and praying revealed to us by Jesus”

Available from good online book shops incl:




Week commencing 16th August 2020

'Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple'

Krish Kandiah

A bit of a modern classic (2014) this very 'easy to read book' explores some of the paradoxes which seem to undermine our Christian faith when old answers seem to have worn thin. Chapters address paradoxes including 'The God who needs nothing but asks for everything', The God who is actively inactive' and 'The God who wins as He loses'

Krish Kandiah is a national & international speaker & author and formerly Executive Director for Churches and Mission at the Evangelical Alliance, Chair of the Theological Advisory Panel of Tearfund and lecturer at Regent Park College, Oxford. He is founding director of 'Home for Good' a charity which seeks to find loving homes for children in the care system. He is married and has 6 children through birth, fostering and adoption. 

Available from good online book shops incl:




and is also available second hand.

Week commencing 16th August 2020

John Ortberg

'When the game is over it all goes back in the box'

John, an evangelical Christian, is an international speaker, best selling author and former pastor. In this very informal talk he begins with how when he was young he ruthlessly beat his grandma at Monopoly and what he learned from this. He also shares a modern retelling of a very familiar parable of Jesus and helps us consider how important it is to live every day as if its our last day and not to put our trust into things which are temporal and not important.


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