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Teaching to help us grow as disciples of Jesus

13th June 2021

My Story: David Bennett

David is same sex attracted. As a student he was a gay rights activist and atheist. He was looking for intimacy, he experienced homophobia and he would argue with others about Christianity … and then he met with Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit. This changed his life. In this short 20 minute video David shares his story, and how being same sex attracted sits with him being a follower of Jesus.

You can find the video here:


30th May 2021

The Meaning of Marriage: Tim & Kathy Keller

During this teaching video Tim & Kathy, who are married to one another, explore questions such as ‘What is marriage all about?’, ‘Why is it important?’ ‘Why are so many opting not to get married but to co-habit?’, and more.

This is the first time we have been introduced to Kathy, but Tim and his friendly delivery of Christian truths will be familiar to you from our Lent series.

If you are thinking about getting married, if you have been married for a long time or only recently, or you wonder sometimes about how the institution of marriage is becoming less important in our society of today, then I would strongly encourage you to watch this short, 50 minute video.

You can find it on You Tube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8hmo0Ji-uo

16th May 2021

Joan Bakewell interviews Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones
This 20 minute interview is a treasure chest of priceless gems. 
Joan Bakewell (a humanist) seems to delight in her conversation with Dr Lloyd-Jones as he speaks about a range of topics including how the modern day view of man is on the wrong track; the arrogance of ‘man’; how sin at one time was ashamed of itself but now excuses itself; and how the Church has had its greatest influence on society and social conditions when she has been Evangelical.
A must not miss interview still as relevant today as it was when it was recorded in 1970 … if not more so.
Martyn Lloyd Jones (1899 – 1981) was and is still remembered and loved as a highly respected elder statesman of British evangelicalism.
You can find the video here:  


'Book of the 'Month''

For May / June 2021

'Christianity Rediscovered'

by Vincent J Donovan

This book is a modern Christian classic … when I read it it blew me away … as soon as I read it I read it again.
It’s a the story of how one man, Vincent J Donovan, a Roman Catholic priest, brought a number of groups Masai people in East Africa to Christian faith. But it is more than a story which I am sure you will enjoy … it makes us re-think how we do church and how we do mission in our community.
You can but the book from various outlets including online including on ebay second hand for around £5 and new on Amazon for around £10

Spending time with God

During these times, and at all times, its really important that we stay connected with God. If we do this we will hear him speak to us … we will see him at work in our lives and in our community … and we will know how much he loves us.

The best way we can do this is by spending some time with him each day … listening to Him and speaking to Him.

When we don’t spend time with God He can sometimes feel distant .. we can feel as if we are on our own and that he has abandoned us. We can lose our way in this world lacking in absolute truths. And we can feel little, worthless or unloved.

To help us all to stay connected with God we have put some information on our website about some resources which you might find helpful as you pray and read the Bible.

  • Lectio 365

  • My Utmost For His Highest: Oswald Chambers, and

  • Gafcon Daily Devotionals

  • Encounter with God: Scripture Union

Have a look at them and decide which is best for you here …


If none of these work for you but you are still keen to find something to help you read the Bible and to pray on a regular basis please do have a word with Steve in confidence … there are lots of other great resources available too.