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Simon & Sarah married
at Christ Church November 2019
Gemma & Dean married
at Christ Church August 2019 
Planning your wedding?
Christ Church has a beautiful interior and seating for up to 300 people.
To be married in our church, by our Vicar, you or your partner need live in the parish now, or you need to have done so in the past, for at least six month.
Alternatively one of you needs to have a ‘connection’ with the church.
That connection might be:
  • one of you were baptised or confirmed at Christ Church
  • the parents of one of you has lived in the parish for at least six months or has regularly attended worship at Christ Church for at least six months
  • the parents or grandparents of one of you were married at Christ Church
If you don’t already meet one of these criteria don’t worry! If one of you or ideally both of you attend our church on a regular basis for at least six months we would be able to consider you getting married here. If you do this we would be delighted to get to know you over this time. You never know … you might like us and you might decide to continue to be part of our church family after you are married too.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your wedding at Christ Church or if you would like more information on this by clicking here.
To find out if you live in the Parish, use your postcode at 
The Church of England has a website to help couples planning their church weddings. You can go to the site by clicking here
Just Married Christ Church Walshaw Bury
Becky & Johnny married
at Christ Church February 2019
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