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Christ Church Walshaw Nativity Trail 2020

Christ Church Nativity Trail 2020

Starting Saturday 12th December, through to the twelfth day of Christmas, why not join us as we travel through the Nativity Story through eight story points in and around the village of Walshaw.

Great for the children to enter into the story which changed the world but also a great chance for all of us to remember this very special story.

While we are unable to have our annual Walshaw Community Carol Service in church or our very popual Christingle Service on Christmas Eve we think this is a great way for members of our community, young and old alike, to walk through and remember the fantastic story of the birth of Jesus.

What is the Nativity Trail?

The trail isn't very long and we have designed it so that there is as little crossing roads as we can so that it is as safe as possible for young families.

The story of the nativity progresses through the eight story points which are mounted on railings and fences through the village of Walshaw.

At each story point there is a picture, words describing that point in the story, and a QR code so that you can listen to a Christmas carol using your smart phone as you walk to the next part of the nativity story.

Where can I get a map showing the Nativity Trail?

You can down load the Nativity trail map from here.

How can I listen to the Christmas carols?

To listen to the Christmas carols ... all very familiar ... you will need a smart phone which has a QR scanner app on it.

Point your scanner app at the QR code and then it will open the carol on You Tube for you to listen to and even watch. You can do this remaining at the story point or listen as you walk to the next story point.

My mobile phone doesn't have a QR scanner app. What can I do?

First of all, even without the Christmas carols, you can still come and enjoy walking the Christmas story told in pictures and words.

To listen to the Christmas carols ... all very familiar ... you will need a smart phone which has a QR scanner app on it. So if you would like to listen to the carols but don't have a QR code scanner app on your smart phone you are able to download one from 'Google Play' or 'Apple App Store'.

What about after I have been on the Nativity Trail?

It would be great if you could let us know if you enjoyed the Nativity Trail. Which was your favourite part? Let us know who went along. You could even take a picture of yourselves following the Nativity Trail and share it on social media using the hash tag #JesusIsTheStarOfChristmas

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